Volition XLR: More power. More speed!
40mph straight out of the box: 55+mph when using an optional 3S LiPo
Introducing Volition XLR
Volition XLR

Radient Reaktor 50-4 Brushless System

The 50A all-weather electronic speed controller (ESC) provides great performance in all driving conditions. Coupled to the 3000kV 4-pole brushless motor this high performance combination delivers dominating speed. The programmable ESC includes thermal overload protection with low voltage cut-off to keep your system running in safe limits when used with up to 3S LiPo.

3000mAh Battery & 1A Charger

A 3000mAh 7-cell NiMH rechargeable battery delivers the power necessary to reach speeds in excess of 35mph while the included 1 amp charger improves your driving-to-waiting ratio.

HRS-3.1 2.4GHz Radio System

Utilizing one of the most advanced 2.4GHz radios in its class, the HRS-3.1 brings features to your hand that are typically found in high end radios. This product is not only user-friendly, but also includes cutting-edge functions such as end point adjustment, dual rates, digital trims, servo reversing, and easy pairing.

The Volition XLR Story

Volition XLRThe Volition XLR offers speed, durability and value that's unheard of in its class. LiPo-ready, the all-weather Reaktor50 electronic speed controller is matched with a Radient 3000mAh 7-cell NiMH rechargeable battery pack and 3000kV Reaktor4 brushless motor to churn out blistering speed in excess of 35mph. And if that's not fast enough for you, install the optional (included) pinion gear and your own 3S LiPo battery to achieve speeds approaching 60mph!

As with all Helion trucks, there's more to the Volition XLR than meets the eye, a fact that's proven by the included HRS-3.1 2.4GHz three-channel radio. This popular system offers total reliability and assured interference-free use alongside other vehicles.

Constructed from strong, lightweight, premium grade materials, the fully independent suspension and oil-filled shocks soak up even the worst terrain, while the beefy all-metal gear transmission is designed to withstand the incredible power generated by the Reaktor motor and ESC combo. But that's not all. The use of rubber-sealed ball bearings throughout reduces maintenance, while improving efficiency and enhancing performance. Add crisp steering response provided by the high-torque, rigid aluminum, all-weather 6kg servo, include high-grip, long-wear tires that keep you hooked up over a multitude of surfaces, and this is a truck you'll be proud to own.