Rock Rider BR: 4WD 1/10 Scale Rock Racing Truck
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Rock Rider BR

Metric Power System

As you’ll be wanting to run your Rock Rider over all manner of surfaces, we’ve equipped it with a high-performance 21-turn 550-size brushed motor and 40A all-weather ESC. This way, at least, you can be assured of reliable power no matter when or where you drive it.

1800mAh Battery and AC Charger

The Helion 1800mAh 6-cell rechargeable NiMH battery pack and included charger get you going right out of the box and deliver power enough for long run times and a dirt-kicking performance.

Advanced IKONNIK SR2+ Transmitter

Offering a class-leading feature set, the advanced IKONNIK SR2+ 2.4GHz 2-channel sport transmitter offers style, comfort and a solid interference-free performance, courtesy of IKONNIK’s dependable Argon (Ar) protocol. Functions include servo reversing on both channels, steering dual rate, throttle trim, steering trim and a fail-safe option.

The Rock Rider Story

Rock Rider BR

Helion Rock Rider + unrelenting terrain = ultimate challenge + massive fun. It’s what physicists, chemists and RC dudes call a perfectly balanced equation – a balance you’ll only fully appreciate when you get behind the wheel of the Rock Rider. This is a car that takes the skillful yet pedestrian art of rock crawling and gives it beans. And plenty of ‘em!

Pop the clips, lift the body, and beneath you’ll find a purpose designed 4WD powertrain and chassis that’s been thoroughly tested in the full range of off-road conditions and given a qualified seal of approval by Helion test drivers. Here, a mix of high-strength composites, a rugged high-performance 540 motor, all-weather ESC, plus a proven transmission and suspension system, combine to offer traction, speed, and stability when you most need it. The fact is, we’ve given the Rock Rider an impressive arsenal of carefully considered mechanical weaponry, starting with a solid, 6-link rear axle that offers almost limitless tuning options. Heavy-duty front and rear differentials add to the mix, whilst corner-to-corner aluminum threaded shocks provide easy pre-load adjustment, smooth movement, and consistent handling. Topped with an independent front suspension system and high-grip all-weather tires for ultimate off-road traction, there’s much to admire. With hex bolts throughout, a fully protected spur gear housing and a shock-absorbing sprung servo saver, we’ve made low maintenance a priority, too.

A take-anywhere trail-blazer, mud bogger, hill climber and dust blaster, the Rock Rider is the perfect all-terrain all-rounder for back yard or back country driving.