Image Item Number Description  
HLNA0080 Suspension Arms, Front, Upper (Dominus 10SC V2, 10TR)
HLNA0093 Dog Bone Set, Front (Dominus 10SC V2, 10TR)
HLNA0101 Outdrive Cup Set, Front and Rear (Dominus, Volition, Criterion, Intrusion)
HLNA0130 Socket Head Shoulder Screws (SHSS) , M3x3mm
HLNA0228 Serrated Nuts, Flanged, M4x0.7x7mm
HLNA0273 Tires, Mounted, Silver Wheel, Pair (Dominus 10TR)
HLNA0275 Wheels, Silver (Invictus)
HLNA0276 Tires and Foam (Invictus)
HLNA0307 Bulkhead Set, Front (Criterion)
HLNA0308 Camberblock Set, Front and Rear (Criterion)
HLNA0313 Hub Set, Rear (Criterion, Volition, Intrusion)
HLNA0314 Spindle and Carrier Set, Front (Criterion)
HLNA0315 Wheel Hex, 12mm (Criterion)
HLNA0319 Steering Assembly Plastic (Criterion, Volition, Intrusion)
HLNA0325 Ball Stud Set, 4.8x10mm, (4pcs) (Criterion, Volition, Intrusion)
HLNA0326 Hinge Pin Set, Complete (Criterion, Volition, Intrusion)
HLNA0327 Axle Set, Front (Criterion)
HLNA0328 Brace, Suspension, Front (Criterion)
HLNA0329 Steering Assembly Metal (Criterion)
HLNA0331 Shock Plastic Kit (Criterion)
HLNA0332 Seal Kit, Shock (Criterion)
HLNA0335 Motor Plate and Motor Spacer (Volition, Criterion, Intrusion)
HLNA0336 Slipper Plate and Slipper Spring (Criterion)
HLNA0337 Slipper Pad Set (Criterion)
HLNA0338 Transmission Case Set with Hardware (Criterion)
HLNA0340 Gear Set, Internal Differential (Criterion)
HLNA0341 Shaft Set, Transmission (Criterion)
HLNA0342 Gear Cover Set (Criterion)
HLNA0349 Servo Mount and Servo Horns (Criterion)
HLNA0352 Ball Stud Set, 4.8x5mm, (4pcs) (Criterion)
HLNA0370 Plain Nuts, M3x0.5x5.5, Black Zinc (4pcs)
HLNA0371 Locknuts, Nylock, M3x0.5x5.5mm, Black Zinc (4pcs)
HLNA0372 Locknuts, Nylock, M4x0.7x5.7.0mm, Black Zinc (4pcs)
HLNA0387 Suspension Arm Set, Front and Rear (Volition)
HLNA0397 Bearings, Rubber Sealed, 5X8X2.5mm
HLNA0398 Ball Stud Spacer, 2mm, (4pcs) (Criterion)
HLNA0399 Washers, 3x8x0.5mm, (10pcs)
HLNA0408 Shock Bodies, Front and Rear (Volition)
HLNA0409 Shock Shaft Set, Front and Rear (Volition)
HLNA0410 Spring Set, Front and Rear (Volition)
HLNA0411 Metal Differential (Volition, Criterion, Intrusion)
HLNA0412 Metal Idler Gear (Volition, Criterion, Intrusion)
HLNA0413 Metal Input Gear (Volition, Criterion, Intrusion)
HLNA0422 Rear Axle Cups (Volition)
HLNA0428 Differential Shims (Criterion, Volition)
HLNA0431 E-Clip, 8mm
HLNA0467 D Pivot Block, Aluminum (Volition, Intrusion)
HLNA0568 Wall Charger, NiMH, 9V-600mA 7C HCT (US)
HLNA0640 Chassis, Main, (Intrusion)
HLNA0641 Shock Tower Set, Front and Rear (Intrusion)
HLNA0642 Body Mount Set, (Intrusion)
HLNA0643 Bumpers and LED Bars, Front and Rear (Intrusion)
HLNA0644 Chassis Cover Set, (Intrusion)
HLNA0645 Chassis Brace, Front and Rear, Lower (Intrusion)
HLNA0646 Servo Mount Set, (Intrusion)
HLNA0647 Battery Strap Set, (Intrusion)
HLNA0648 Rodend/Turnbuckle Set, Front, (Intrusion, SCT)
HLNA0649 Gasket Set, Receiver Box, (Intrusion)
HLNA0650 Camber Block and Skid Plate (Intrusion)
HLNA0651 Brace Set, Transmission, (Intrusion)
HLNA0652 Wheelie Bar, (Intrusion)
HLNA0653 Shock Spacer Set, 10MT 2WD Electric Monster Truck
HLNA0654 Rodend/Turnbuckle Set, Steering, (Intrusion, SCT)
HLNA0655 Rodend/Turnbuckle Set, Rear, (Intrusion, SCT)
HLNA0724 Body, Blue (Intrusion)
HLNA0725 Body, Orange (Intrusion)
HLNA0726 Body, Clear (Intrusion)
HLNA0727 Pinion Gear, 48P, 24T
HLNA0728 Pinion Gear, 48P, 27T
KNNS0005 HRS-3.2 3-Channel 2.4GHz Xenon (Xe) Transmitter (Service Only)
KNNS0008 2.4GHz 4-Channel All-Weather Xenon (Xe) Receiver
RDNA0048 Reaktor Brushless ESC NS-50A WP-P
RDNA0049 Reaktor Brushless Motor NS 3000kV 4-Pole
RDNA0050 Reaktor Brushless Motor NS 3500kV 4-Pole
RDNA0098 NiMH 8.4V 3000mAh SC 6-1 Hump, HCT
RDNA0401 RS-HT201-MG Standard 6.5kg Analog HT MG Servo
RDNA5114 Bearings, 5x8x2.5mm, Rubber Sealed (2pcs)
RDNA5115 Bearings, 5x10x4mm, Rubber Sealed (2pcs)
RDNA5119 Bearings, 10x15x4mm, Rubber Sealed (2pcs)


Image Item Number Description