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RC Universe Dominus 10SCv2 review

"In the hands of my 7 year old (among other novice drivers), the truck not only survived, it thrived. I should have kept count because there were several times I thought I was in for repairs only to inspect the results of a crash and find the truck was no worse for the wear."

RC Driver Dominus 10SCv2 review

"Not only does this truck look impressive on paper, the performance is absolutely ballistic. I always have fun with this truck and feel confident that the bulletproof 10SC V2 is one of the best short courses suited for bashing out there."

RC Groups Dominus 10SCv2 review

"People sometimes think reviewers only state the positive but I'm happy to report that there wasn't a single hiccup with this unit. It is rock solid and like Jason kept saying, 'It's just so dang fun to drive!' While I might sound like I'm gushing I would recommend this short course truck to anyone looking for a solid basher. I dig it."