Image Item Number Description
HLNA0970 HLNA0970 Rear Chassis Plate: B, ST, MT
  HLNA0971 R-Clip: B, ST, MT
HLNA0972 HLNA0972 Nuts (M4): B, ST, MT
HLNA0973 HLNA0973 Column Head Hex Screw, M3x8: B, ST, MT
HLNA0974 HLNA0974 Wheel Hex: B, ST, MT
  HLNA0975 Nuts (M3): B, ST, MT
HLNA0976 HLNA0976 Radio Tray Mount: B, ST, MT
HLNA0978 HLNA0978 Shock (Rear): B, ST, MT
HLNA0979 HLNA0979 Shock Ball Head, C: B, ST, MT
HLNA0980 HLNA0980 Pin, 2x10: B, ST, MT
HLNA0981 HLNA0981 Differential Planetary Gear: B, ST, MT
  HLNA0982 Differential Shaft: B, ST, MT
HLNA0983 HLNA0983 Differential Outdrive: B, ST, MT
HLNA0984 HLNA0984 Differential O-Ring: B, ST, MT
  HLNA0985 Flat Head Hex Screw, M3x14: B, ST, MT
HLNA0986 HLNA0986 Flat Head Hex Screw, M3x12: B, ST, MT
  HLNA0987 Flat Head Hex Screw, 3x8: B, ST, MT
  HLNA0988 Flat Head Hex Screw, 2x10: B, ST, MT
HLNA0990 HLNA0990 Suspension Arm E-Clips, 0.6mm: B, ST, MT
HLNA0991 HLNA0991 Flat Head Hex Screw, 3x10: B, ST, MT
  HLNA0992 Cap Head Hex Screw, 3x10: B, ST, MT
HLNA0993 HLNA0993 Cap Head Hex Screw, 3x12: B, ST, MT
HLNA0994 HLNA0994 Cap Head Hex Screw, 3x5: B, ST, MT
HLNA0996 HLNA0996 Front Bumper: MT
HLNA0997 HLNA0997 Motor Guard: MT
HLNA0998 HLNA0998 Wheelie Bar: MT
HLNA0999 HLNA0999 Motor Guard with Wheelie Bar: MT
HLNA1000 HLNA1000 Slide Wheel Axle: MT
HLNA1001 HLNA1001 Washer, 6x4x0.5: MT
HLNA1002 HLNA1002 Chassis Dust Cover: MT
HLNA1003 HLNA1003 Battery Strap: B, ST, MT
HLNA1004 HLNA1004 Chassis: B, ST, MT
HLNA1005 HLNA1005 Lower Suspension Arm (Front): B, ST, MT
HLNA1006 HLNA1006 Lower Suspension Arm (Rear): B, ST, MT
HLNA1007 HLNA1007 Chassis Plate (Front): B, ST, MT
  HLNA1008 Shock Tower (Front): B, ST, MT
HLNA1009 HLNA1009 Shock Tower (Rear): B, ST, MT
HLNA1010 HLNA1010 Steering Hub Carrier (L/R): B, ST, MT
HLNA1011 HLNA1011 Hub Carrier (Front L/R): B, ST, MT
HLNA1012 HLNA1012 Upright (Rear): B, ST, MT
HLNA1013 HLNA1013 Bulkhead Brace (Front): B, ST, MT
HLNA1014 HLNA1014 Shock Mount (Front): B, ST, MT
HLNA1015 HLNA1015 Upper Link (Front), 58.5mm: B, ST, MT
HLNA1016 HLNA1016 Steering Link, 55mm: B, ST, MT
HLNA1017 HLNA1017 Upper Link (Rear), 73mm: B, ST, MT
HLNA1018 HLNA1018 Servo Link, 30.5mm: B, ST, MT
HLNA1019 HLNA1019 Gearbox: B, ST, MT
HLNA1021 HLNA1021 Main Gear Cover: B, ST, MT
HLNA1022 HLNA1022 Differential Case, 48P: B, ST, MT
HLNA1023 HLNA1023 Gear, 34T-48P: B
HLNA1024 HLNA1024 Gear, 81T-48P: B
  HLNA1026 Shock Absorber (Front): B, ST, MT
HLNA1027 HLNA1027 Arm Bulkhead (Rear): B, ST, MT
HLNA1028 HLNA1028 Arm Bulkhead (Front): B, ST, MT
HLNA1031 HLNA1031 Steering Sway Arm Assembly: B, ST, MT
HLNA1032 HLNA1032 Gear, 20T-48P: B, ST, MT
HLNA1033 HLNA1033 Slipper Shaft: B, ST, MT
HLNA1034 HLNA1034 Slipper Pad: B, ST, MT
HLNA1035 HLNA1035 Slipper Hub: B, ST, MT
HLNA1036 HLNA1036 Slipper Tensioner Spring: B, ST, MT
HLNA1037 HLNA1037 Motor Mount: B, ST, MT
HLNA1039 HLNA1039 Wheel Axle (Rear): B, ST, MT
HLNA1040 HLNA1040 Dogbone: B, ST, MT
HLNA1041 HLNA1041 Suspension Pin (Front / Rear): B, ST, MT
HLNA1042 HLNA1042 Servo Saver Assembly: B, ST, MT
HLNA1043 HLNA1043 Ball Head Screws, 5.8mm: B, ST, MT
HLNA1044 HLNA1044 Front Wheel Axle: B, ST, MT
HLNA1045 HLNA1045 Steering Shaft Bush: B, ST, MT
HLNA1053 HLNA1053 Gear, 23T-48P: B, ST, MT
HLNA1054 HLNA1054 Lower Suspension Arm Screws (Front) 3x25mm: B, ST, MT
  HLNA1055 Lower Suspension Arm Screws (Rear) 3x29mm: B, ST, MT
HLNA1056 HLNA1056 Pin, 3x26: B, ST, MT
HLNA1057 HLNA1057 Pin, 5x18: B, ST, MT
HLNA1059 HLNA1059 Powder Steel Gear, 20T-48P: B, ST, MT
HLNA1061 HLNA1061 Shock Absorber (Rear): B, ST, MT
HLNA1062 HLNA1062 Body Post: ST, MT
HLNA1063 HLNA1063 Post Mount: ST, MT
HLNA1070 HLNA1070 Cap Head Hex Screw, 3x14: B, ST, MT
  HLNA1071 Cap Head Hex Screw, 3x16: B, ST, MT
  HLNA1072 Hex Grub Screws, M3x3: B, ST, MT
  HLNA1073 Wheels: MT
  HLNA1074 Tires and Sponge: MT
HLNA1075 HLNA1075 Wheel, Tire and Sponge: MT
  HLNA1076 Washer, 8x3x0.5: MT
  HLNA1081B Replacement Body, Blue: MT
  HLNA1081G Replacement Body, Green: MT
  HLNA1081R Replacement Body, Red: MT
  HLNA1081Y Replacement Body, Yellow: MT
  HLNA1082 Body, Clear: MT
  HLNA1088 Steering Turnbuckle (Front) 55mm: B, ST, MT
  HLNA1089 Turnbuckle (Front Arm): B, ST, MT
  HLNA1090 Steering Turnbuckle (Front) 74mm: B, ST, MT
  HLNA1091 Serrated Axle Nuts: B, ST, MT
  HLNA1098 Shock (Front / Rear): B, ST, MT
  KNNS0024 ET3 3-Channel 2.4GHz (Krypton) - Transmitter and All Weather Receiver
  RDNA0052 Reaktor Brushless Combo, NS 50A-3000kV 4P
  RDNA0330 NiMH Trickle Wall Charger, HCT


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