Image Item Number Description  
HLNA0002 Main Chassis (Animus).
HLNA0003 Battery Strap, Top Plate, Foam & Posts (Animus)
HLNA0005 Suspension Arms, Front & Rear (Animus)
HLNA0006 Front & Rear Shock Towers (Animus)
HLNA0007 Caster & Steering Blocks, Rear Hubs (Animus)
HLNA0008 Steering Bell Cranks & Servo Saver (Animus)
HLNA0010 Motor Mount & Insert (Animus)
HLNA0011 Camber, Steering & Servo Links with Ball Studs (Animus)
HLNA0012 Shock Set, Front & Rear with Ball Studs (Animus)
HLNA0013 Shock Seals (Animus)
HLNA0014 Shock Springs (Animus)
HLNA0015 Hinge Pins and Washers (Animus)
HLNA0016 Differential Outdrives & Axles (Animus)
HLNA0017 Drive Pins, Wheel Hexes, Body Clips, Antenna Tubes (Animus)
HLNA0018 Axle Bearing Set (Animus)
HLNA0019 Gearbox Bearing Set (Animus)
HLNA0020 Spur Gears, 45T (Animus)
HLNA0026 Hardware & Screws (Animus)
HLNA0029 Motor, 370 4200 RPM (Animus)
HLNA0032 Helion 2.4GHz 2-Channel Transmitter
HLNA0050 Servo, Replacement (Animus)
HLNA0607 Wall Charger, NiMH 9V-500mA 6C HCT (US)
HLNA0664 HD Differential Rebuild Kit (Animus)
HLNA0665 HD Differential, Complete (Animus)
HLNA0666 HD Gearbox (Animus)
HLNA0686 ESC, Receiver, Servo Unit, WP-LR, HCT (Animus)
HLNA0698 Differential Housing, Ring and Pinion (Animus)
HLNA0699 Wheel and Tire Set (Animus MT)
HLNA0700 Bumper Set, Front and Rear (Animus MT)
HLNA0701 Body with LEDs, Blue (Animus MT)
HLNA0702 Body with LEDs, Red (Animus MT)
HLNA0705 LED Set (Animus MT, DT)
RDNA0090 NiMH 7.2V 1600mAh 2/3A Stick, HCT


Image Item Number Description  
HLNA0021 Pinion Gears, M0.6, 11T, 12T, 13T, 14T (Animus)
HLNA0161 Front Shocks, Aluminum, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0162 Rear Shocks, Aluminum, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0163 Differential Outdrive Cups, Steel (Animus)
HLNA0164 Drive Shafts, Aluminum, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0165 Battery Strap, Aluminum, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0166 Chassis Top Plate, Aluminum, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0167 Rear Hub Carriers, Aluminum, 2 Deg, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0168 Rear Shock Tower, Aluminum, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0169 Front Shock Tower, Aluminum, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0170 Motor Mount, Aluminum, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0171 Caster Block, Aluminum, 5 Deg, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0172 Wheel Hexes, Aluminum, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0173 Gear Cover, Aluminum, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0174 Center Driveshaft, Aluminum, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0175 Rear Bumper, Aluminum, Orange (Animus TR)
HLNA0176 Aluminum Motor Heat Sink, Orange (Animus)
HLNA0703 Body, Clear (Animus MT)