Animus 18DT: 4X4 Desert Truck: Built to Thrill
Introducing Animus 18DT
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Under the Hood

Fitted with low resistance High Current T-Style (HCT) connectors the weather resistant, self-contained 3-in-1 ERS (ESC / receiver / servo) unit, coupled to the 370 size brushed motor, delivers outstanding performance in forward and reverse, and speeds in excess of 20mph!

Full Range of Aluminum Hop-up Parts

As the Animus 18DT is part of the Animus family, it too can be upgraded with a wide range of orange anodized aluminum upgrade parts that increase strength, improve rigidity and further refine the handling. Wheel hexes, shock towers, drive shafts, castor blocks and more are available.

Brushless Upgrade

Rarely can you have too much speed. Of course there will come a time when you need more power and more speed. You'll be pleased to know that when that time comes, there's a dedicated brushless upgrade package available with a Radient Reaktor 5000kV motor and Reaktor 30 ESC combo.

LED Headlights

Like the 18MT, the Desert Truck comes right out of the box with a set of high intensity LED head and tail lights which allow the fun to continue even after the light has begun to fade.

The Animus 18DT Story

Animus 18DTWhen it comes to choosing an off-road vehicle, it pays to buy a product with a proven track record — a car with a quality and pedigree that can be measured in its bloodline. The Animus 18DT is just such a product and in this, its latest iteration, the popular 1/18th scale off-roader is treated to sturdy Dakar truck styling (in a choice of red or blue) and a top speed in excess of 20 mph.

Dependable all-terrain handling is, of course, an expected attribute of the Animus 4WD series and in this respect the 18DT offers no exception. It’s a crucial feature that goes hand-in-hand with other hereditary characteristics such as an all-weather proportional electronic speed controller, robust 370 brushed motor, high-performance 1100mAh NiMH battery, oil-filled bladder-top shocks, twin ball-raced heavy-duty differentials and, significantly, high-grip, low-wear tyres that keep you hooked to a multitude of surfaces. In short, it’s a convenient, quality, ready-to-run vehicle that you’ll love to own and long to drive, not least for the locked-in feel and dependability of the supplied IKONNIK SR2 rate-equipped 2.4GHz radio.