1/10 Scale 2WD $199.99

More info on the Rock Rider

Rock Rider: 1/10 Scale 2WD

1/10 Scale 2WD $159.99

More info on the Conquest 10ST XB

Conquest 10ST XB

1/18 Scale 4WD $119.99

More info on the Animus 18DT

Animus 18DT: 1/18 Scale 4WD

1/12 Scale 2WD $59.99

More info on the Contakt 12TR

Contakt 12TR


Volition 10SC video
Criterion Speed test vs. Competition


RC Action review

"There are lots of companies vying for your attention, especially in the monster truck category. The Invictus 10MT is a great all-around first truck package – it’s got a good balance of climbing and speed, good looks, and available replacement parts." – RC Action